Inicio Blog The Games We Play and The Ways They Educate

At Wonderland, we are strong believers in learning through play! We have seen how easy it can be for children to learn English when they are in a relaxed environment. Although we learn through play, there are certain methods and games that we choose, to ensure that our activities reach their maximum capabilities in providing learning. In Captains class we play a huge variety of games, all of which have their unique purpose for teaching English.

Patio Games

Whats the time Mr.Wolf?

This simple and fun game involves one person standing at one side of the patio while the rest of the group begin at the other. They then scream “what´s the time Mr.Wolf?”, the person who is at the other end then replies with a time, for example, “it is four o’clock”. The kids can then take four steps but if they are caught moving once the ´Wolf´ turns around, they must go back to the beginning. The children absolutely love this game and it is an excellent way to get the kids practising numbers and it encourages them to speak in full sentences in English.

Simon says

The game is simple and super effective! One person (Simon) gives commands, beginning with Simon says, for example, Simon says touch your nose. Then all the children act out the command, BUT if Simon says a command and doesn’t say Simon says before, the act should not be carried out, if the kids fall for this trick, then they are eliminated from the round. This game teaches a lot of different aspects, it teaches body parts, actions, objects and it is a good way to practice English pronunciation.

A fun song explaining Simon says

Classroom Games


In Captains 7-10 year olds class, we love playing BINGO! The kids love it when they get a full line or card and they shout BINGO and win. BINGO is an excellent way for practice large numbers with the children and it also tests and improves their English listening skills. They must listen carefully to the numbers being called and its an excellent way to practice phrases, such as, can you repeat that please? A good knowledge of numbers is vital when learning any foreign language as we use numbers in our everyday lives. If you can shop like a local and understand the prices of things, you will fit right in!

Playing Restaurant

In Captains 3-6 class, we regularly play restaurant. Playing games like this teaches a huge number of important things in English. We learn about different professions, how to order food and the vocabulary to read and understand a menu. This simple and enjoyable game proves that it can provide very useful skills for English learning and later life.

Since September we have seen a MASSIVE improvement in the English of our Wonderland children. We don’t make them sit in front of a blackboard while we try push vocabulary into their heads, instead, they are learning constantly whilst having fun!! 😊