Inicio Blog Why learning a different language through play is so important!

When thinking back to your school years, is it often that you reminisce on the times you sat in front of your teacher as they stood in front of you trying to explain a difficult topic? It´s more likely you remember that time your class took a science trip to learn about insects or the games you played in class to practice numbers! There are many methods for learning something. Many people are visual learners whilst others may find verbal or social learning effective. Learning through play and interaction can be incredibly beneficial as children want to participate!

In Wonderland, we combine a variety of learning methods and incorporate them into play to maximise learning potential. By using a wide variety of different games and crafts we ensure that the children are enjoying themselves whilst also learning. Children love to play and when you introduce education into play, it flows far more easily. According to a study carried out titled ´Using Games in a Foreign Language Classroom´, “The learning process should be interesting, easy and it should be fun to learn. It also should fit with an everyday task and the working environment to achieve optimum results”. At Wonderland we use different games to learn topics like numbers, vocabulary and verbs! Even in the brief time since we´ve been back after summer, we have seen HUGE learning pillars been passed. We believe this is because the children enjoy coming here. When children do not enjoy something, they will naturally resist it and won´t benefit from it. The children who come to Wonderland are encouraged to speak English as much as possible, when they do not know or understand a word, we explain it! Week by week their curiosity grows and they are using the words that in previous weeks they had not understood.

By using crafts and games we encourage learning through fun! At Wonderand, we also understand that in order to keep children interested you must change the activities regularly. Thats why here, we dedicate a half an hour time slot for each activity. This way we get plenty of learning covered whilst also ensuring everyone is still interested. By learning english from a young age, children will benefit significantly in the future as the english language becomes more difficult in their school curriculum. We look forward to seeing the kids progress this year!!