Inicio Blog It’s Christmas!

At Wonderland, we love to sing and there’s no better way to spread Christmas cheer than through the use of music!

Now that Halloween is over, many English speaking countries are already beginning to prepare themselves for the next big festivity - CHRISTMAS!

In the UK, the main event takes place on the 25th of December when Santa Clause brings gifts to well behaved little girls and boys, and even though it’s still only November, the celebrations have already began : trees are being decorated, Christmas markets are opening their doors and most importantly - Christmas carols and songs can be heard everywhere!

At Wonderland, we understand when learning a new language, a big mistake people make is forgetting that learning about the culture of the countries where it is also spoken is almost as important as studying the grammar. And a great way to introduce different cultures to young learners is through songs about celebrations and festivities in different countries. Therefore this month, we have compiled a list of English speaking Christmas songs which will help both you and your kids to get ready to celebrate Christmas but also learn English at the same time.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas: This traditional English Carol is a very catchy and repetitive song which would easily get you in the Christmas spirit!

I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause: This festive pop song is about a young child who sees his father dressed up as Santa Clause and mistakenly thinks his mother is kissing Father Christmas!

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer: A song about Santa’s trusty animals who guide his sleigh on Christmas Eve which also has a strong message about friendship and being kind to each other even if someone is different!

Frosty the Snowman: Frosty is a magical snowman who comes to life to make some children very happy and is a great song to dance and sing a long to with your kids!

Jingle Bells: Probably the most common and well known of all he Christmas songs in the English speaking world! This classic will be sure to get you into the mood for the Christmas season!

We hope that this list helps you and your children to get into the Christmas spirit and prepare for the festivities!