Inicio Blog Five fun Arts & Crafts that can be used to Teach English!

We understand that, to learn, children need to be engaged in a variety on ways. That’s why here, at Wonderland, we introduce our children to a range of different learning methods. One of those methods being arts and crafts. It is no secret that children love to learn through play and entertaining activities, so, here at Wonderland we take full advantage of that! We want to share with you our favourite arts and crafts to do at home!

Weather watcher

This craft is very easy to do and very educational. All you need is some card, a paper plate, a thumbtack and colours!

When finished your children´s weather watcher can be kept beside their bed and every morning as they wake up they can start their day in English by discussing that day’s weather. If introduced into their daily routine, soon kids will look forward to waking up and checking what´s in their forecast for the day.

What´s on my plate

Once again, this is super easy and quick craft that not only teaches new food vocabulary, but, also gets children talking about food they like and dislike. For this craft, you can begin by asking, what do we eat for dinner? Then, questions like what your favourite dinner or least favourite dinner is. These questions get kids thinking about all their food vocabulary in a fun way. Children can draw their favourite dinner plate and stick it on the fridge!

The Doc Box

Children love to play pretend and dress-up. You can make with them their very only medical box to play with at home and learn vocabulary for professions. For this craft, you will need some card, cotton buds, an ice-cream stick. You can also add anything else in your house that fits the Doc Box. For older kids, you can add some sentences about visiting the doctor and stick them in.

Laundry Day

To teach your kids about clothes in English, why not make your own clothes line? This craft allows you to get creative with your kids, as you can use all kinds of materials to make your clothes, such as glitter, felt and crepe paper. For this craft you can use whatever is in your house. You can cut out and decorate all the clothes and then put them on some string to make your very own clothes line.

To the Moon and Back

When teaching your children about all the different transports, it is better to bring them to life. This way your kids get to learn new vocabulary and also have new toy to keep them amused. In Wonderland, we have made a variety of transports, such as, cars, rockets, hot air balloons and trains! The really enjoy making these quick and easy crafts.

Why not make a rocket using old toilet rolls, paint and some card?