Inicio Blog A day in Wonderland - The Afternoon School

I have left school and I have eaten, I have also rested. I'm waiting impatiently for it to get to 4pm so I can go to Wonderland. When we arrive, its like we have really gone to another world. Everyone speaks in English! I feel really great here.

As always my mother says “don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today“ so if we have homework to do, we get on with it straight away.

Our teacher helps us, they explain things to us and they make sure that our homework for Maths, Science, English, etc. is completed.

Once we finish our homework, my classmates and I get together to do activities in English. They are very varied and fun.

Today we carried on with the book we are all reading. Each one of us reads a paragraph out loud and we listen quietly to each other, our teacher corrects our pronunciation.

Afterwards, each one of us takes turns to explain what we think will happen in the next chapter of the book. Sometimes we even guess right! We love to anticipate what is coming next.

Afterwards, the teacher puts on a series in English on the TV, we need to understand everything because every few minutes the teacher will pause the episode so that we can give a summary of what is happening (in English of course).

We also go and play in the patio, where our teacher has prepared a field day for us, we form teams and we have to do lots of exciting tasks. You have to be fit so you can run quickly! When we are tired, we stop to have an afternoon snack, we eat sandwiches, juice and whatever else the teacher has ready for us. That´s cool.

Meanwhile, we sing the songs of each sound. We have murals on the walls and each one corresponds to a phoneme, that way our pronunciation will be perfect. Later on, we continue to work on the giant puzzle we are preparing in our arts and crafts class. We have painted it and tomorrow we will see if the other team knows how to solve it in record time. I think we are going to win! How great!