Inicio Blog A Sensational Summer in Wonderland!

In the Sevillian Summer heat there is nothing more we would all love to do than go to the beach, but its not always possible. And what would you be doing at the beach? Relaxing, playing, swimming, making new friends… well all of that can be done right here in the city… at Wonderland Bilingual Centre. But not only that, you can learn too!!! With native and bilingual teachers, you are immersed in English… almost as if you were spending the summer abroad! With the great facilities at Wonderland and the variety of activities planned, kids enjoy each day, and parents enjoy knowing that their kids are learning English.

Activities in English

Each week at camp has a different theme, and the activities and learning are planned around that theme. We have already enjoyed “Under the sea” “Music Makers” and “Pirates and Princesses” and in August we have “Bugs and Butterflies” “Let´s go to the Zoo” and “Superheroes” to name just a few. As well as learning vocabulary related to the weekly theme, doing crafts and colouring, at Wonderland there is a swimming pool, a ball pool, sand, bubbles, play dough, a bouncy castle, films and so many toys… there isn´t enough time in the week!!!!

So, if you cant go to the beach this summer… come along and join us at Wonderland Bilingual Centre. We look forward to seeing you!