Inicio Blog A day in Wonderland - The Nursery

At 7.30am Wonderland opens its doors for the early birds. If we are asleep, we continue resting, and if we come hungry, then breakfast begins. Milk, biscuits, juice... all the essentials you need to be prepared for the exciting day ahead! You can arrive anytime before 9.30am and have breakfast. , Then the English assembly will begin in every classroom. We sit on mats and baby bouncers, and we start to wake up! We get to know ourselves, our body, our classmates, colours, animals, we tell each other what we do every day, we sing the songs that we are learning ...

Then we go to our tables and we do our work, always related to the issue we are addressing that week, and building on what we have already learned. Each day is a new learning experience filled with creative activities to feed our minds. We make little balls of paper and draw landscapes, cut rubber and do puzzles, we fill in our "Phonic pupil book", paint our family on the wall slate, or rehearse some choreography in case we have to go on stage... everything while we speak English. About 11am, we have playtime! We love to go to the yard, to run and jump, to play the team games our teacher prepares for us, and take the opportunity to coordinate our movements through our psychomotor skills. We always share our toys.

Teachers Emily, Alicia, Eve, María José, Irene and Sandra care for us all day long, and give us lots of cuddles. They hug us all the time!
Mmm... we are hungry... it´s 12pm and we are ready to eat the full menu: a starter, main course , and dessert, of course!. It is yummy, my parents will be envious when they see the menus on the digital calendar, on their mobile, tablet or PC.

Teacher, Can we watch cartoons? We watch cartoons in English on our TV; They are fun, although many of us fall asleep, it's nap time... at around 2pm the teachers clean us once more, and change our nappy again, the cream is very smooth! If we are dirty, they give us a bath, how relaxing! And they dress us in the clean clothes they always have ready for us.

We do not stop learning, and learning, as we do all our tasks, and the best thing: we are playing very happily all the time!
We take this opportunity to practice the phonemes that we have drawn on the wall, and sing the song corresponding to each sound.
At 3pm, it´s snack time, and we eat fruit. If you are allergic or intolerant to anything , for example, proteins from cow's milk, or lactose, the teachers will already know and we get a special menu, how lucky!. They always have some candy hidden after fruit!

And then, a little exercise to move the body, and dance with "super simple songs", we also learn numbers and, above all, we laugh.

It´s almost 6pm, and our parents are coming to pick us up. We can only be collected if our teachers know who they are; my grandparents come sometimes, and even my neighbour from next door.

We stay a bit longer until my parents leave the office, and if we get hungry, they prepare a bottle for us, just how we like it, as always.

I hope my teacher will write good things about me today in the Wonderland application, I have behaved awesomely...

Here is my daddy! Where is the ball? -I tell him- and he´s impressed...
I love Wonderland.